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Stop Stressing, Start Soaring…Starting Today!

Imagine becoming…

✅  More at ease in your leadership role.

✅ Confident in your ability to lead with greater impact at any level and in any industry.

✅  Widely recognized as an evermore competent, capable, and credible leader.

To make aspirations like these your reality, tap into our content, coaching, events, courses, mentoring and other resources that elevate your leadership capabilities.

Don’t take our word for it.

Soar to New Heights

Whether you are rising to the next rung of the leadership ladder, focused on building proficiency in your current role, or considering your next big career move—our community is here to share actionable resources and tools that will help you:

✅  Soar away from the “sticky floor” that holds women down.

✅  Soar out of “maternal walls” that keep us boxed in.

✅  Soar through the glass ceiling - still a barrier to advancement.

Hear from a Member

We amplify the wind beneath your wings and expand your career bird's eye view! 

Hear from one of our hosts - Michelle Redfern

Here's a peek at how:

Come for Content, Stay for Community

✅  Sometimes we ambitious women feel “out of step,” but in our Lead to Soar community you can find a personal board of advisors from other members who really “get” you. 

✅  In our safe, supportive environment, we share major career lessons, strategic moves, challenging workplace issues, go-to technologies and tools, and valuable life experiences... with refreshing honesty and transparency. 

✅  Here everyone knows like their voice is worthy of being heard, and that there's value in sharing.

Ready to Go From Curious to Committed?

Benefit from our global community of women who, like you, are committed to  elevating their leadership and career potential.

Commit to Your Future!

Your US$235 per year or $20.50 per month membership enables you to SOAR! no matter where you are on your leadership journey - whether you're at career start, in middle management or in the C-Suite. Think of it, for less than the cost of a decadent speciality coffee a week, you can set yourself up to possibly earn a significantly higher salary. Now, isn't that smarter investment than a new whatever?

Unsure About Membership? 


You’re worth it! 

If you make a business case for it, you could get reimbursed for your membership. 

We even tell you how. 

Still Uncertain?

If you are still deciding whether to commit, listen to our Lead to Soar podcasts to discover how you can grow with and contribute to our global community of like-minded women.

Remember: You're Worth It! ...AND there's no risk to you.